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A key starting point for me was using monofilaments and wire to knit with, making various 3D objects and being especially interested in combining my knitted objects with LED lights.


Having a passion for textile design and print, I began to expand my visual motifs by creating and screen-printing silhouetted flowers onto various fabrics, then making these into fashion accessories and other artworks.


Coming full circle and returning to my days as an artist, I moved on to placing sheets of fabric, printed with a silhouetted design of Japanese-inspired flowers within a deep frame. I then sculptured Japanese flowers, creating multiple layers of shadows.


Despite having come a long way and having many variations in my creative practice, I feel as if I am still near the beginning of my journey, and for me, this is very exciting.

Studio '16

Growing up in native Japan, I was surrounded by the creations of my mother who was always making clothes. This inspired me to be an artist and designer.


Combining this with various Japanese traditions, I became inspired to continually use these motifs in my work, creating designs that are very simplistic and nature-inspired.